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Why rent a workplace in Cape Town’s business centers?

Cape Town is a capital of the South African province of Western Cape. At the same time, Cape Town is the tenth largest African city as well as one of the most multicultural areas worldwide. In addition, the city is the oldest urban zone in South Africa with a significant economic output.  Moreover, the Parliament of South Africa is located in Cape Town making it a prominent political hub. The city gains from textile and hospitality sector, financial operations and logistics. At the same time shipbuilding, wood and electronic production are profitable states of the city’s income.

Moreover, Cape Town is a leading energy cluster covering the energy needs of the Western Cape. Nowadays the city faces a drastic rise in IT sector which makes a prominent part of the city’s economy. Simultaneously, Cape Town faces the blooming raise of the construction and real-estate market.


Over the past few years, Cape Town has been transformed into a prominent technical hub. The city has taken the 22nd place among the best tech cities in 2017. Due to the dynamic urban environment and innovations encouragement, Cape Town remains an attractive place for a growing number of local and international entrepreneurial initiatives. Besides, the city attracts new businesses through its proper life quality, robust ecosystem, and extensive startup community.

The city remains a captivating tourist destination for domestic and international visitors. Furthermore, Cape Town attracts by its splendid architectural heritage due to a large number of complexes in the Cape Dutch style – a unique mix of the German, French, Indonesian and Dutch architectural styles. After all, in 2014 the city was called the World design capital as well as the best city worth visiting due to the New York Times.

Districts of Cape Town for serviced office rent

Workspaces in Cape Town are rented by various insurance firms, design and fashion enterprises, publishing groups. Besides, city headquarters numerous retail businesses, banking and financial institutions, meat and fruit producing enterprises, distribution companies, medical equipment firms. Cape Town CBD is a leading center of business activity of the city’s metropolis. It is also a prominent financial artery of South Africa.  It locates an outstanding skyline with modern high-rises. According to a renovation project, the District expects a completion of 11 new skyscrapers. This area locates a diverse range of dining and shopping amenities, accommodations, theatres, and museums. All that assures just perfect working and social environment in this region.

Another major business areas of the city are Century City and Claremont. These districts also offer diverse job opportunities and serviced offices in numerous business centers for rent and purchase. The Century City is the city’s suburb and a perfect mix of commercial centers, residential and entertainment complexes. Workspaces in this region are leased by the business giants such as Daimler-Chrysler and Porsche Company. The suburb of Claremont is a significant commercial center with numerous shopping chains and financial institutions.

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