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Why rent an office in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt am Main is the fifth largest city in Germany with about 736, 414 citizens. Frankfurt boasts on its rich historical roots, and a dominant role played under the times of the Roman Empire. Presently, unique architectural developments still highlight the past glory of the city. Modern Frankfurt has lots to offer to each citizen,  foreign businessman or backpacker. With the pace of the time, Frankfurt has raised as a major financial hub with the highest employment rate in Germany. Moreover, the city is a blooming cradle of commercial activities with numerous domestic and international businesses. The city homes prominent foreign banking establishments, legal enterprises, real-estate, and automotive companies.

Furthermore, Frankfurt has gained world fame due to numerous trade events and fairs such as Messe Frankfurt and Motor Show. Moreover, Frankfurt is an important transportation hub with extensive motorway intersections. Also, it locates one of the busiest airdromes in Europe. After all, Frankfurt is a scientific nucleus and splendid entertainment spot. For all these reasons Frankfurt is a perfect place for living and launching a business.

How to choose a perfect office in Frankfurt

An office market in Frankfurt faces a high demand due to A grade living standards in the city, economic strength, and stability. When looking for proper office space to lease many core factors should be taken into consideration. First of all, location is a dominant factor for choosing a workspace as it affects the commuting process. The second factor for choosing an office is proximity to social amenities and connection to public transport. Paralelly, the size of a workspace is an essential factor. Finally, the renting cost is the key factor for signing a deal. For instance, the renting prices for one person per month in Central Frankfurt are €600 – 800. Also, office space near the airport can be hired for €750 – 800. Moreover, the most prestigious area of the Westend locates the offices for rent up to €2000. At the same time, a small workspace in the uptown can be rented for about €500.

Best districts of Frankfurt for workspace rent

One of the most prestigious areas for office rent in Frankfurt is Bankenviertel - the central business area. it is a financial hub which headquarters major banking institutions and insurance associations. Bankenviertel impresses by a high concentration of skyscrapers and business developments. One more significant district of the city is Innenstadt. It is a commercial nucleus of Frankfurt. Also, this area locates the most extensive shopping chain with notable stores and luxury boutiques. Moreover, Innenstadt provides visitors with unique landscapes like the old city center with ancient wooden development – the largest of this type in Europe. This prestigious area tends to offer high property prices.

The district of Westend attracts by its large green surroundings, tailor-made complexes and a wide range of cafes and restaurants. This prices for rent of business premises is more expensive in comparison with the other areas of Frankfurt. After all, an upscale district of Ostend is popular with start-up companies especially design and tech businesses. In contrast with Westend, Ostend offers cost-effective options of workspaces for rent with competitive prices.

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