Why some ads have missing images

There may be several reasons why images of leases and sales properties are not displayed on the ads. We explain some of the most common reasons here.

Ingen billeder placeholders
You may have encountered one of these types of images before. They appear if an ad does not have images. From the left: Regular ad, 'found automatically' ad and parking lot ads.

Why don't images appear on "Found automatically" and "unverified ads"?

We also call ’found automatically’ for ’unverified ads’. These are properties where the landlord is not a paying or official customer at Matchoffice.com. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the information about the property is correct, and this is also why no images of the property are displayed.

The landlord has not uploaded images

It is the landlord who is responsible for placing images on their ads for the lease or sales property. Therefore, some leases do not have images.

We strive to make the landlord aware of the fact that they have to upload images of their property. Ads with images will be seen by several tenants and buyers, as images contribute to the calculation of getting a good Quality Score. In addition, we know that images for tenants and buyers have a significant impact on the first-hand impression and the considerations of the lease/sale property.

Does it cost anything to have images on the property ad?

No, it's free. The landlord can upload as many pictures as they like. We recommend between 3-10 pictures to give a good impression.

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