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Why rent serviced offices in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the largest South African city as well as one of the most extensive global urban zones. At the same time, it is part of the most prosperous Gauteng province.  Johannesburg is a prominent trading center of golden and diamond goods with numerous mining enterprises headquartering in the city. Furthermore, it is one of the leading commercial global centers. The city’s economy gains from the heavy industries, banking sector, IT segment. Furthermore, logistics, publishing, and healthcare sectors are highly profitable. After all, Johannesburg homes most of the continent’s skyscrapers such as the Carlton Centre,  which has been the tallest African office complex since 1973. Johannesburg homes numerous international enterprises such as IBM, Willis Group, BHP Billiton, First National Bank. On our website, you can find the best serviced offices - Johannesburg has many attractive locations to benefit your business.

Bright future

The government of the city implements strategic plans to modernize public services and the transport infrastructure. Besides, the program aims to reach the proper life standards together with improving healthcare and poverty reduction. In addition, the city is going to establish the number of eco-friendly programs to maintain the sustainable urban environment, such as energy, water, and waste cleaning, etc. The city is focused on creating a smart economy with job-intensive growth and prosperity. Also, the residential project aims to complete construction of about 95 000 new residential units by 2019.


The main business area of the city is the leading business hub with numerous residential and commercial complexes. In addition, the CBD of the city boasts on having an impressive skyline. The area homes governmental establishments of Gauteng province together with several major banking institutions. For over a century, the CBD has been an outstanding center of the commercial and financial life of the city. It also has an extensive choice of serviced offices. Johannesburg has other business districts, but its CBD is the most prestigious for renting business premises.

Sandton and Braamfontein

In 80-90-es, Sandton faced a rapid commercial and industrial boom. It made the are the second business district of Johannesburg and a prominent financial hub. The area homes numerous A-grade office complexes and some of the most expensive commercial objects of South Africa. Sandton is appropriately linked with the railway station of Gautrain as well as with the O.R. Tambo International Airport. Serviced offices in Johannesburg's Braamfontein are rented by top corporations. The district is connected to the center of Johannesburg by its landmark – the bridge of the Nelson Mandela.

Wildlife and history

Johannesburg has more exciting spots that any visitor can ever imagine. The city is a shelter for wildlife with the largest South African Zoo as well as extensive Lion Park, Cheetah center together with the Rhino reserve. Moreover, Johannesburg invites visitors to explore the origin of the humankind: more than 30 ancient caves conceal the secrets of the Australopithecus africanus.

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