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November 2023
MatchOffice Industry Survey 2022
22. November 2023

Client Survey 2023

Find out the trends regarding office occupancy, pricing, and the overall market outlook. Explore further to get to know the insights from over 1000 clients regarding emerging trends in flexible workspace rental. Read report

May 2023
MatchOffice Industry Survey 2022
22. May 2023

Industry Survey 2023

The findings of a comprehensive market research conducted by MatchOffice. The study aimed to gather data on office occupancy, pricing, and general market outlook. Keep reading to discover the insights obtained from this survey. Read report

December 2022
MatchOffice Client Survey Report 2022
05. December 2022

Client Survey 2022

Read on to find out the most recent market trends as seen through the eyes of the clients of European serviced offices. Read report

May 2022
MatchOffice Industry Survey 2022
27. May 2022

Industry Survey 2022

A thorough market research aimed at finding out data regarding occupancy, pricing and general outlook on the market post-pandemic. Read on to find out the industry insights collected by MatchOffice for the eighth consecutive year. Read report

June 2021
MatchOffice Industry Survey 2021
16. June 2021

Industry Survey 2021

Read on to find out the views of 1317 workspaces on the tendencies brought about by a year of the global pandemic. Read report

December 2021
MatchOffice Client Survey Report 2021
16. December 2021

Client Survey 2021

Over 1000 clients from 23 shared their perspective on renting a serviced office under the conditions of a global pandemic. Read report

December 2020
MatchOffice Client Survey Report 2020
16. December 2020

Client Survey 2020

Over 1000 customers from 23 countries participated in our survey. In this issue we see how the customers' perspective on renting a serviced office has changed in relation to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Read report

September 2020
MatchOffice Covid-19 Industry Survey 2020
1. September 2020

MatchOffice COVID-19 Survey Report 2020

In this report, we collected insights from operators all over the world on how the COVID-19 breakout influenced the physical structures of their workspace, their practices of homeworking, their finances, employment rate, and future lease terms. Read report

May 2020
Industry Survey 2019
27. May 2020

Industry Survey 2020

This year’s report reflects the statistics on office occupancy, achieved and expected price level and providers’ general outlook on business from the perspective of the global COVID-19 epidemic. Read report

June 2019
Industry Survey 2019
4. june 2019

Industry Survey 2019

In 2019, the momentum for the European flexible workspaces continue according to MatchOffice's annual survey. In this year's report, 1,159 workspaces are represented from a total of 51 different countries. Get insight into the exciting developments and key figures straight from the workspaces themselves. Read report

February 2019
MatchOffice Client Survey Report 2019
11. February 2019

Client Survey 2019

In 2019, flexible workspaces focus on meeting all possible requirements of the modern client. Big companies turn to utilizing flexible offices as a long-term solution and viewing ‘space as a service’. Read report

December 2018
MatchOffice Client Survey Report 2018
12. december 2018

Client Survey 2018

Focus on health and well-being regarding interior design and tech facilities, etc. takes center stage when tenants prioritize and choose their flexible work environments, the MatchOffice Client Survey 2018 confirms. Read report

June 2018
Industry Survey 2018
1. june 2018

Industry Survey 2018

In 2018, MatchOffice established a comprehensive research of the market, including the most recent tendencies, in the industry. In this year’s report, 45 countries have been included, with a representation of 979 providers. Read report

April 2018
MatchOffice Quarterly Report Q1 2018
1. april 2018

Users - Quarterly Report, Q1 2018

In this quarterly report, the data has been derived from the first three months of 2018. It represents the development that MatchOffice has gone through, in the first quarter of 2018. Read more about this development and learn about our business-model, in the quarterly report. Read report

January 2018
MatchOffice Quarterly Report Q4 2017
1. january 2018

Users - Quarterly Report, Q4 2017

The quarterly report of Q4, 2017, presents the data for the final three months of 2017. In this data, statistics regarding inquiries and visitors on, for that period, has been included. Read more about the development here and learn about our current business model. Read report

December 2017
MatchOffice Client Survey Report 2017
1. december 2017

Client Survey 2017

This year’s client survey includes more than a thousand providers, spread across 25 countries. The results from the survey, has provided valuable insight in the industry, from the perspective of the customers. Read the client survey for 2017, and strengthen your knowledge of the customer’s preferences, for business hotels across the globe. Read report

November 2017
MatchOffice Quarterly Report Q3 2017
1. november 2017

Users - Quarterly Report, Q3 2017

The quarterly report of Q3 2017, presents the development of MatchOffice. Here, you can gain knowledge of our business-model, including the number of inquiries and show-counts that we have had in the period. Read report

July 2017
MatchOffice Quarterly Report Q2 2017
1. july 2017

Users - Quarterly Report, Q2 2017

See the development that MatchOffice has gone through, and gain knowledge of our business-model, in the quarterly report of Q2, 2017. This includes the number of inquiries and visitors at Read report

Junе 2017
MatchOffice Industry Survey Report 2017
1. june 2017

Industry Survey 2017

The Industry survey report of 2017 includes respondents from 42 countries, spread across 721 business hotels. It provides an overview of the current situation in the market, through data obtained from statistics. Gain insight of these key numbers, directly from business centers across the world. Read report

MatchOffice Sales Guide 2017
1. june 2017

Sales Guide

Read the MatchOffice sales guide and gain knowledge of how we can assist you, in renting out your premises, and what you might need to remember, in the process of dealing with a potential new tenant. What kind of needs does the tenants have, how many employees are going to be present in the premises, when do they need the premises, and how far are they in the search process – these are just few things you may need to consider. Read report

April 2017
MatchOffice Quarterly Report Q1 2017
1. april 2017

Users - Quarterly Report, Q1 2017

MatchOffice has specialized in knowledge and rentals of business centers, since 2003. We have recently introduced a new initiative that makes it possible for all our business partners, to have a unique insight, in the workflow and levels of performance at MatchOffice. Read report

June 2016
MatchOffice Industry Survey Report 2016
1. june 2016

Industry Survey 2016

This year’s report presents data from 49 countries, spread across 689 business centers. The information derived from this data, provides an in-depth insight in the market, including our expectations for the future. Gain insight in key numbers and analyses directly from business center across the world. Read report

February 2016
MatchOffice Client Survey Report 2016
1. february 2016

Client Survey 2016

The client survey of 2016, represents customers from 24 countries, and presents the newest trends and news from the customers perspective. Read the client survey for 2016, and strengthen your knowledge concerning the customer’s relationships with business centers across the globe. Read report

January 2016
MatchOffice interview with Joe Pine 2016
1. january 2016

lnterview med Joe Pine

Joe Pine speaks of how an organization can optimize its business, and how this relates to the market for commercial real estate and business centers. The key points include differentiation, and preparation for future challenges and how the organization can maintain its growth. Read the interview with Joe Pine about the market for business centers here. Read report

June 2015
MatchOffice Client Survey Report 2015
1. june 2015

Client Survey 2015

The development in the interest for business centers is rising. The client survey of 2015, made by MatchOffice, similarly shows a rise in organizations, choosing to use these. Read the client survey from 2015 here. Read report

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