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December 2020
Nine nice apps
Dec 11

Nine nice apps to have - when working from home efficiently

Corona lockdown caused a global breakthrough to the home office, and companies expect their employees to perform just as efficiently from home as in the office. Watch nine nice apps to perform even sharper on the distance. Read more

September 2020
Magnificent offices ny
Sep 01

Magnificent home-away-from-home style and office options for your small business

During the corona lockdown, you´ve really been thriving on working at home - but now it is time to return to the office. Why not let your small business continue in pleasant and familiar home-away-from-home surroundings? Read more

Mo covid 19 survey report 20
Sep 01

COVID-19 forces companies to downscale their office spaces, leases and employees

The global office market is in turmoil. The corona meltdown has disrupted the space needs of office businesses, made landlords bleed, and left investors on standby, a new COVID-19 Survey Report from MatchOffice states. Read more

Home working rules
Sep 01

Working from home - know the rules and policies of your country

Gradually companies start asking their employees to return to the office but still the majority of office workers keep on working from home. Watch the most important rules and policies you should be familiar with. Read more

Healthy flexoffice 1
Sep 01

Flexible and healthy offices facing a tremendous post-corona breakthrough

The global corona lockdown has renewed focus on healthy office work patterns, workspaces, environments, and décors. The office lease market is heading towards a structural change for greater flexibility, health, and wellness, experts estimate. Read more

Underground office
Sep 01

Working underground from home studio in your garden lawn

Working underground has achieved a brand new dimension by Brazilian architect Igor Leal, who designed this amazing office studio to fit into the front garden of a residential home in Rio De Janeiro. Read more

Cwe 2020
Sep 01

Sign up for Coworking Europe 2020 achieving a MatchOffice Discount

Join Europe´s leading coworking event, Coworking Europe 2020 Conference in Vienna, on a MatchOffice Special Discount. Read more

June 2020
Noise 1 reduced
Jun 03

Noise in open offices cost up to two hours of lost productivity per day

More than every second employee in open office environments feels so strongly affected by noise and disturbances that they lose up to two hours of efficient working and productivity every workday, a recent Canadian study reports. Read more

Mes.rooms 1 reduced
Jun 03

Facebook calls for video chat and conferencing in Messenger Rooms

Facebook has launched its new video chat service, Messenger Rooms, which invites up to 50 people to join a video call or a conference via Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger - free and with no time limits. Read more

Is20 1ny
Jun 03

Office providers worldwide floored by their tenants' severe corona crises

Three out of four office landlords are affected, to a significant or severe extent, several even floored by the global COVID-19 meltdown. Just a few market operators seem unaffected, the new Industry Survey 2020 from MatchOffice reports. Read more

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