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March 2021
Mar 01

Home office on the go - take a trip and leave corona crisis behind

Feeling Covid-19 sick and tired after an endless year working from your home? Now Nissan presents a tempting home office on wheels furnished in a Caravan NV350 model - created to drive out and leave your corona crisis behind ... Read more

Mar 01

Global office world agrees: Hybrid working is the future model of work

The office world is heading towards the end of the covid-19 lockdowns. Soon it will be time to leave the home office - but to what extent? Hybrid working models seem to be the future of your professional life. Read more

December 2020
Dec 16

Office markets in transition: Companies are chasing new flexibility and proximity

The corona crisis has slowed demand for large offices. Companies now are in the process of downsizing to smaller spaces as well as more flexible solutions - also outside the city centre, the annual MatchOffice Client Survey shows. Read more

Dec 15

Promise or threat - working from your home office can become permanent

Still, more companies around the world calculate that their employees´ covid-induced working from home to a significant extent will become permanent on the other side of the corona crisis. Read more

Dec 14

Pressured coworking industry eyes light at the end of the corona tunnel

The global covid lockdown threw the coworking industry into its first serious crisis. But after the annus horribilis, providers now eye lights ahead predicting a convincing comeback for the wave and enthusiasm of coworking. Read more

Dec 13

Convenient office options close to the metro or a public transport hub

The benefits of locating near train stations and public transit rank high when businesses go searching for new office spaces. Proximity to metro lines increases the value and attraction of global office properties in general. Read more

Dec 12

Covid study: Working 42 minutes extra per week at our private desks

A good part of the commuting time that Norwegian office workers are saving by working from home seems to benefit their employers - explicitly 42 minutes a week, according to a recent Norwegian study. Read more

Dec 11

Nine nice apps to have - when working from home efficiently

Corona lockdown caused a global breakthrough to the home office, and companies expect their employees to perform just as efficiently from home as in the office. Watch nine nice apps to perform even sharper on the distance. Read more

September 2020
Sep 01

Flexible and healthy offices facing a tremendous post-corona breakthrough

The global corona lockdown has renewed focus on healthy office work patterns, workspaces, environments, and décors. The office lease market is heading towards a structural change for greater flexibility, health, and wellness, experts estimate. Read more

Sep 01

Magnificent home-away-from-home style and office options for your small business

During the corona lockdown, you´ve really been thriving on working at home - but now it is time to return to the office. Why not let your small business continue in pleasant and familiar home-away-from-home surroundings? Read more

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