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December 2018
Amsterdam 1 reduced
Dec 03

Coworking breaks through as an integral part of the corporate real estate industry

Currently, corporate real estate giants are massively entering the flexible office space sector, including the global coworking market - one of many significant insights of the recently held Coworking Europe 2018 in Amsterdam. Read more

Activity based office
Dec 02

Activity-based office spaces increase and change your work life - forever

Seven out of 10 real estate executives want, according to a new CBRE survey, activity-based workplaces in their corporate environments. A recent Swedish study indicates how activity-based office space and areas should be designed optimally. Read more

Dec 01

Close the office - let your employees perform much better from home

The office environment contains lots of interference and disturbances of any kind that make us significantly less effective than if we work from home, a Stanford professor is concluding after a two years study of the Chinese travel agency giant Ctrip. Read more

9to5 mo news reduced1
Dec 01

Working nine to five is history - your flexible workday reality

Decades of classic 9 to 5 workdays belong to the past - today flexible work schedules rule offices world wide. According to a recent study, just six percent of British office workers are still tied to the mandatory working hours of the past. Read more

October 2018
Mo survey1
Oct 30

Survey: The young generations demand social and flexible work environments

The young generations expect social, flexible workstations. MatchOffice Survey Report 2018 confirms that landlords of flexible office solutions are transitioning traditional office spaces to flexible coworking environments to please the new generations´ new ways of working. Read more

Technopolis mo news 1
Oct 30

Finnish coworking giant Technopolis reaching out for the Nordic and Baltic Sea region

Finnish workspace developer and expert Technopolis has reserved 30 million euros to build up a network of 20 UMA coworking spaces in the biggest cities of the Nordic and Baltic Sea region by the end of 2020. Read more

September 2018
Office pod
Sep 04

Convenient office pod adds the sound of silence to your noisy open office space

Today over 70% of global offices have an open space set up. A Danish innovation company has developed a soundproof office pod which is able to offer office workers a silent spot in their noisy open office environment. Read more

Coworking europe 1
Sep 03

See you in Amsterdam - join Coworking Europe with a MatchOffice Special 10% discount

More than 500 most dedicated coworkers from 45 countries make ready to attend Coworking Europe Conference 2018 November 14-16 in Amsterdam - one of the largest international events on coworking. Read more

S2m 1
Sep 02

Seats2meet Reaches Milestone of Making 500.000 Co-Working Space Bookings

After spending over 10 years working to make the co-working ecosystem more efficient and accessible to all, the Dutch coworking company is celebrating an awesome milestone: Half a million workspace bookings ... Read more

June 2018
Women only coworking
Jun 15

Women-Only coworking spaces - a new global trend is developing

In 2016, The Wing founders Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan opened the first women-only coworking space in New York. Since then, an increasing great number of female coworking spaces has opened in big cities around the world - a new global trend keeps popping up. Read more

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