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December 2019
Dec 01

Latest findings: Office workers want fresh air and comfortable light before fancy fitness facilities

Today´s office staff sets basic needs such as excellent air quality, natural light and freedom to customize their workstations higher than fitness machines and advanced wellness programs in the company gym. Read more

August 2019
Aug 26

Remarkable Danish research: Office workers in dramatic lack of daylight at their desks

On average, office employees are exposed to just 10% of the light that outdoor workers get, a new Danish university research shows. This lack can affect their energy, circadian rhythm, and mental balances. Read more

Aug 25

Forecasts: More businesses and companies will turn to flexible workspace options

Global researches and forecasts all agree: Within the next four years, flexible workspaces are to grow by more than 50%. Increasingly businesses across the world are looking for a coworking or flexible office space. Read more

Aug 24

Living green walls turn your office spaces and company brand even greener

Still, more companies are integrating natural green walls into their office space and sustainable corporate profile as well. The green surfaces bring harmony, well-being, fresh air, social value and much more to your modern workplace. Read more

Aug 23

Coworking giant launches WeWork Stockholm - Copenhagen will follow next summer

The world's largest provider of coworking and flexible office spaces has launched WeWork's first Nordic location in the heart of Stockholm - WeWork Copenhagen will open in a central urban start-up neighbourhood mid-next year. Read more

Aug 22

Sign up for Coworking Europe 2019 in Warsaw achieving a MatchOffice Special Discount

Join 800 dedicated coworkers from 50 countries at the Coworking Europe 2019 Conference - one of the world's largest and most influencial coworking events - taking place Nov 13-15 in Warsaw Poland. Read more

June 2019
Jun 04

The rise of coworking and flex spaces helps maintain real estate industry optimism on top

The MatchOffice Industry Survey 2019 shows how the commercial real estate market of Europe maintains its momentum and optimistic outlook on continued growth due to the coworking concept´s huge rise and overwhelming success. Read more

Jun 02

Trend: Online shops increase their business by opening physical retail stores

An increasing number of web shops and brands - initially born for a life on the Internet - prioritize to combine their business with physical stores in empty retail stores - because we all prefer to shop more online ... Read more

Jun 01

Coworking on the go - exotic office workspace at the palm beach

The Central American country Belize on the Caribbean Sea coast is among the increasing number of exotic gems worldwide offering impressive coworking spaces on the go. Read more

May 2019
May 31

Nordic warning: Open space offices are killing your well-being and job satisfaction

For two decades, employers have praised the open office space for its positive influence on employee´s knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation. Now, Nordic researchers are warning: Open-plan office kill employees´ motivation, engagement and job satisfaction. Read more

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